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Arrow cargo, mounted, tractor T-150K

Arrow cargo, mounted, tractor T-150K

Price: 115000 UAH

Order equipment

Arrow Cargo, mounted, installed and removed by a tractor T-150K on the front frame for one hour. Drive for lifting the boom and moving part of the nomination of the tractor hydraulics with hydraulic cylinders. Control from the cab with full-hydraulic valve. A tractor with a raised load can be moved on a flat surface.

We produce a boom truck with a movable part of 2 types:

- Moving part of the boom (gander) is rotated about a horizontal axis;

- Moving the boom extends for a distance 1.4metra

They may be made ​​of round tubes in the form of a space truss or square tubes (tube in tube).

technical characteristics

Load capacity, kg                                                                   2000
Hook height,                                                                           7.0 m
The nomination of the movable part of boom m            1.4

Setting boom freight to the front frame of the tractor T-150K

Boom with swivel gander
Arrow frame for tractor installation

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