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nstalling puncture ground MK-TB-750 08.1

Installing puncture ground MK-TB-08.1

Price: 150000 UAH

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Setting the direction of puncture "MK-TB 08.1" works from the tractor hydraulic or from a mobile power station and is designed for laying roads jacking in rocky soils do not contain inclusions under roads, w / d mounds, rivers, swamps, ravines, forests an array with simultaneous expansion and pulling of cables or pipes.

It is used in the modernization, renovation and construction of pipelines in populated areas, in difficult geological conditions, the action of a number of technical and environmental constraints. Piercing setting is used when laying water pipes, sewage and gasification of settlements in laying fiber-optic networks and other utilities.

Key Features

The outer diameter of the rod,                          57 mm

The number of rods in the set,                         25 pcs

            Rod length, mm                                         1050

Diameter stents, mm                                           108, 159, 219, 273

    The maximum diameter of the expander

                        (Optional), up                                  to 400 mm

        Length puncture max.,                                        55 m

       Puncture speed, m / min. Not less than         1.0

            The force on the rod at a pressure of 16 MPa:

            - Puncture, kN (ton)                                          304 (30.4)

            - The expansion of the channel, kN (ton)     230 (23.0)

            Required oil flow at a pressure

            16MPa, l / min.                                      20 ... 25

            Length max., Mm

                        for transport in                               2350

                        in position                                      3470

            Width , mm                                                 500

            Height, mm                                                 750

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