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nstallation of puncture ground MK-TB-08

installation for puncture soil MK-TV 08

Price: 112000 UAH

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Setting to puncture the soil MC-TB-08 is designed for installation of various types of underground utilities (water, sewer, pipeline, electrical cable and communications cable; fiber-optic network; cases for all types of utilities) jacking in soils 1 - 3 categories under roads, tram tracks, railway embankments, marshy soils, forests, etc. followed in wire cable or HDPE pipe or metal.

     Setting to puncture the soil MC-TB-08 is the budget technical means capable in some cases, serve as an alternative to complex and expensive cars HDD.

     Unlike the HDD method, the method is performed not puncture the soil drilling a pilot hole and the piercing force vysokotonnazhnyh hydraulic cylinders. Puncture is usually effective when operating in ground 1 - 3 categories.

     Installation for puncture MK-TB-08 is used for the reconstruction and construction of pipelines in urban areas, in difficult geological conditions, the action of a number of technical and environmental constraints.

Currently available installation MK-TB-08s for pipeline rehabilitation (beztransheynaya pipe replacement) which differs from the basic large puncture force to 300 kN at a pressure of 160MPa and completing special razshiritelyami-destroyers.

Specifications MC-TV 08

Length 850 mm
Width 560 mm
Height 550 mm
Puncture diameter 65 mm min
Diameter max 275 mm extension
Diameter of connecting rods 52.58 mm
Weight (with connecting rod and head prokolnoy) 153 kg
Puncture Length up to 50 m
Working stroke hydraulic cylinders 300 mm
Nominal working pressure of 16 MPa
The maximum force of 250 kN puncture
Maximum pulling force 250kN
Puncture rate of 0,5 m / min
Flow at a pressure of 16 MPa l / min 25-60

Package installation MK-TB-08 (standard)

Name Quantity
Installation 1 pc
Hydraulic power units * 1
Head prokolnaya 1 piece
Rod (L = 500 mm) overall length 25m 50 pcs
Extender Kit wells (L = 108 mm cum, 159 mm, 219 mm, 273 mm), 1 piece
Cassette boom 1 piece
Hydraulic Hose 2 pieces (at 8m)

- * Available on request

Standartnaya Bundling installation
installation for puncture soil MK-TV 08
installation of utility
Rasshyrytely 108mm, 159mm, 219mm, 273mm
Installation for pipeline rehabilitation MK-TB-08s

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