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MKTB machine for manufacturing screw augers

Nodes for turns with a diameter of up to 500 mm

Price: 120000 UAH

Order equipment

Machine MKTB for the manufacture of screw auger from the billet, calculated by the existing programs, for screw turns, taking into account the sector cutout.
The turn is formed in one working stroke. After the manufacture, joints are not required to be fitted.
1. The diameter of the formed turn, mm, max - 1000
2. Diameter of the formed turn, mm, min - 150
3. Diameter of the seat of the formed turn, mm, max - 700
4. Diameter of the seat of the formed turn, mm, min - 40
5. Pitch of turn, mm, max - 800
6. Thickness of the turn, mm, max - 12 *
7. Effort of forming the turn, kN - 30
8. Production speed, m / min - 0,5
* on request it is possible to produce for the thickness. - 16mm
The kit includes:
1. MKTB machine
2. Hydrostation
Rated operating pressure 16 MPa
Oil consumption at a pressure of 16 MPa, l / min 15-60
3. Replacement knots, for different diameters pcs. - 4
4. Hydraulic hose, pcs. - 2
5. Operational documentation and technological process.
The photo shows the experienced units of the machine, which are modified in the working setup and contain elements of novelty, to which copyright is currently being drawn up.
Prototype video by reference
Finished turn
The turn of diam. 900mm
ready turn
drawing revolution

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