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Dumps for soil and snow removal for tractor drawbar category 3.0 (T-150K, DT-75 them under.)

Dumps on the T-150K

Price: 50000 UAH

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Non-rotating blades feature a very simple structure and thus a lower cost than the rotary.

Everyone who has dealt with angledozers for soil and snow removal faced such a problem, in which, blade, which is in an upright position, adjacent the lower edge (knife) to the ground, and turning an angle of 30 ... 35gradusov one end Blade rises above the other, and not adjacent to the ground flat. This situation makes it qualitatively conduct planning of soil and snow removal.

            The reason?

One reason, and it is caused by the fact that the axis on which the blade is rotated horizontally, not perpendicular to the ground, which is the result:

            - Blade manufacturing errors;

            - Different diameters of tires (for example, T-150K tires set of 2 sizes 21.3-24 (530R610) and 23.1-26 (610R665) height is 1400mm and 1605mm respectively. This changes the vertical position of the horizontal axis of rotation of the blade;

            - Tire wear and the cutting edge of the blade.

We solved this problem by creating piles with adjustable horizontal pivot axis blade.

In primary adjusting the blade to a tractor, replacement tires, tire wear and the cutting edge of the blade, simply by adjusting the 2 rods shall adjust the position of the vertical axis of horizontal rotation of the blade.

            Some of our blades feature a special aerodynamic shape shovel, like the best imported models, which eliminates the ingress of snow on the ground and the cab of the vehicle and increases the performance of the blade.

We are doing heaps as rotary and not turning on any tractor and trucks.

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