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MKTB machine for manufacturing screw augers

A large number of harvesting and processing equipment has in its composition various augers for the supply of raw materials, which eventually require restoration and even replacement.
If for domestic technology there are still alternative options for replacing coils on spirals of certain sizes, then for imported equipment, this is not.
There is a need to manufacture screw turns themselves or buy from the manufacturer's company, which is far from cheap.
Currently, there are basically 2 types of machines for the formation of screw turns.
1. This is the stretching of the cut auger rings (without a sector cutout). This method justifies itself at small steps of the auger, when the distortion of the inner and outer diameters is not so evident. Also, the calculation of the parameters of the workpiece is not supported by existing programs for calculating screw turns.
2. Sequential step-by-step deformation of the workpiece. It is necessary to perform a strictly defined amount of deformation on the diameter of the workpiece, which is especially difficult if the workpiece has a decent mass and diameter.
3. Using copiers for bending. With a small batch of turns inappropriate.
4. Stretching coils welded into a spiral. Applicable for metal thicknesses up to 4mm.
Our MKTB machine for the manufacture of screw auger from the workpiece, calculated by the existing programs, for the screw turns, taking into account the sector cut, allows to stretch the windings by a predetermined pitch with the compensation of rotation until the edges of the coil are aligned in a radial plane in one working stroke. After the manufacture, joints are not required to be fitted.
1. The diameter of the formed turn, mm, max - 1000
2. Diameter of the formed turn, mm, min - 150
3. Diameter of the seat of the formed turn, mm, max - 700
4. Diameter of the seat of the formed turn, mm, min - 40
5. Pitch of turn, mm, max - 800
6. Thickness of the turn, mm, max - 12 *
7. Effort of forming the turn, kN - 30
8. Production speed, m / min - 0,5
* on request it is possible to produce for the thickness. - 16mm
The kit includes:
1. MKTB machine
2. Hydrostation
Rated operating pressure 16 MPa
Oil consumption at a pressure of 16 MPa, l / min 15-60
3. Replacement knots, for different diameters pcs. - 4
4. Hydraulic hose, pcs. - 2
5. Operational documentation and technological process.
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