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rotary snow removers


Snow blowers are equipped with an active working body, usually mounted on a self-propelled chassis. These snow blowers are used for cleaning of roads and airfields from large and relatively dense snow masses with irregular nature snegoochistki, removing snow banks, clearing mountain road sections of the fallen, and nametennogo avalanche of snow, and snow removal from city streets and squares, and tossed it aside or loading into trucks.

According to a working body of the blowers are divided into plow-rotor (c), the screw-rotor (s), milling rotary (b), and with a combined working body.


. Schemes of work of snow blowers: a - Screw-rotor, b - rotary milling, in - plow, rotary
Legend: 1 - screws, 2 - the guide tube .3 - rotor, 4 - Tape Cutter, 5 - plow, 6 - ripper

The working body of plow-snow blower consists of a plow with built in it with one or two bladed rotors. The cut weight of snow plows moving along the inner skin of his body, usually done in the form of a conical surface to the rotor (s), which drops the snow to the side.
Plow Snow blowers are used primarily for work in a dry powdery snow, low density. Seating body-snow blower auger consists of a screw feeder (with one, two or three screws) and the vane rotor mounted in a common housing. Auger feeder cut snow from the array and send it to the rotor. Received by the rotor snow mass is dropped them to the side. Auger-blowers work well on snow density and high hardness and bad - a very dense, hard and frozen snow. Seating body blowers comprises milling feeder and one or two rotor blade mounted in a common housing. Milling feeder is made as bezbarabannoy large diameter cutter with the cutting elements, is a spiral ribbon fastened with struts and braces on the axes milling. This feeder has a large capacity and good cutting properties, so it can be used successfully in the development of dense and hard snow. Like the auger, milling feeder cuts snow from the array and feeds it to the rotor, which casts it aside. Combined working body the snow blower is usually carried out in the form of a hollow drum, which are placed inside the drive components of the working body with a wound on the outside of the spiral line of the right and left cutting ribbons forming in closing pockets for receiving the snowpack. When the drum rotates ribbon take snow array of snow into the cavity between the outer edge of the tape and the surface of the drum which, moving along the belt enters the right and left turns of the pocket. These snow blowers are more compact than the auger snow blowers and rotary milling, and are able to develop any snow density and strength, but very energy intensive, inefficient and unable to provide a greater range of snow throwing.
Snow blowers are divided:
- The type of chassis and rubber-tracked;
- The type of the base car - by car, tractor, mounted on the tractor, truck and own chassis;
- Performance - the lungs (up to 200 t / h), medium (up to 1000 t / h) and heavy (over 1000 m / h). Medium and heavy machine-range divided by dropping snow on the road (18 m) and aerodrome (over 18 m). .

Plow, rotary snow thrower with a guide tube

Plow, rotary snow thrower with two guide rails

Auger-bucket on a tractor snow thrower

Milling and rotary snow thrower

Milling and rotary snow thrower on the truck

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