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rotary blades for snow

Rotary blades for snow

Why our rotary blades for snow are better

          Everyone who has deal with angledozers for soil and snow removal faced such a problem where blade which is in upright position, adjacent the lower edge (knife) to the ground, and turning an angle of 30 ... 35 degrees one end Blade rises above the other, and not adjacent to the ground flat. This situation doesn't allow it qualitatively be cleaned of soil or snow.

          What is the reason?

The reason is one, and it is caused by the fact that the axis on which the blade is rotated horizontally, is not perpendicular to the ground, which is the result of:

          - Blade manufacturing errors;
          - Different diameter tire (for example, 80 ... 82 MTZ tires set of 3 sizes to the front wheels  9-20 inches, 11.2-20 inches, 369/70R24 height ranging from 930mm to 1154mm and the rear wheels 2 sizes respectively 15.5 R38 and 18.4 R34). In this case is changing the vertical position of the horizontal axis of rotation of the blade;
            - Tire wear and the cutting edge of the blade.

We solved this problem by creating piles with adjustable pivot, blade.
In primary adjusting the blade to a tractor, replacement tires, tire wear and the cutting edge of the blade, simply by adjusting the 2 rods shall adjust the position of the vertical axis of horizontal rotation of the blade.
Our blades have a special aerodynamic shape shovel, like the best imported models, that excludes the contact of snow or ground on the cab of the vehicle and increases the performance of the blade.

We can do anything, but do only what you need

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