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Hydraulic drive to replace the mechanical drive drill

You are boring and crane machines based on T-150K and DT-75 (BKM, the SCU and the like) with a mechanical drive? So reliably and have constant problems with the replacement of Hooke's joints, destruction of the shank reducer, drive shaft. As well as a great danger to personnel on loss privodnogo.Otsutstvie reverse rotation of the shaft does not allow the drill to remove the drill when it is jammed in heavy soils.

There is a solution - is the installation of hydraulic rotary drive drill. The latest imported components (motor, hydraulic control valve, etc.) make it a reliable and low maintenance.

            Catching production drilling and crane equipment for tractors T-150 K, DT-75, MTZ and trucks we are also remaking mechanical drive speed drill in the existing activities of drilling machines in the T-150K and DT-75 hydraulic.

            Our specialists will come to the company for the specific binding of the equipment on the tractor (because there may be differences between the tractors of various years), and later install it on the tractor at the customer. Perhaps at the same time to spend (in the enterprise manufacturer) overhaul and modernization of the overall drilling and crane machine.

Technical characteristics of the hydraulic drive.

1. When one motor torque to the storm - 300 kGm

                                             two motors - 580kGm.

Gearbox comes with the ability to install 2 motors.

2. Drill Speed ​​- from 60 to 120 rev / min.

3. The direction of rotation of the drill - Reverse run.

Completeness of the equipment:

1. Gearbox with the established one or two hydraulic motors.

2. Hydraulic tank with cleaning filters.

3. Hydraulic distributor.

4. Hydraulic fittings to connect the hydraulic devices.




Skin and hydraulic auger rotation




Gearbox with a hydraulic motor gearbox with two hydraulic motors

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